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Rochester Police Retaliate Against V Henry and Take Back the Land; 4 Arrested on Sidewalk

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On Sunday August 7, 2011 Rochester police retaliated against Virginia Henry and three of her supporters from Take Back the Land Rochester by arresting four people for "trespass" who were either on a public sidewalk or on a public street in front of 11 Appleton St.  No one arrested was on private property and no warning was given.  Further, when questioned about the surprising and seemingly absurd arrests, Sargent Perkowski and Chief Sheppard both claimed the Rochester police were not responsible for the arrests because they were "citizen's arrests."

On Thursday July 21, 2011 Rochester police blocked off Appleton Street with 10 police cars devoting a massive amount of city resources to a eviction of the family from 11 Appleton St.  When resident Virginia Henry tried to present paperwork to the City Marshal and the Rochester police, the police arrested her, threw her to grown in her own driveway, and had to be taken to the hospital in handcuffs.  

This is another extraordinary situation where the City of Rochester, through its police force, has aided and abetted large corporate banks into forcing families out of their homes.   In this case Virginia Henry was foreclosed on by Countrywide/Bank of America even through she never had a mortgage.  In addition, the foreclosure and eviction appears to be illegal on a number of grounds, including the failure of the forecloser (Countrywide/Bank of America) and the evictor (Fannie Mae) to serve the proper paperwork notifying her of the foreclosure and eviction hearings respectively.

On July 29, 2011 Ms. Henry's family, Take Back the Land Rochester, and other community members held a protest and press conference denouncing both the forceful eviction by Fannie and the ensuing arrest, brutality,and excessive response by the Rochester Police. PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO:  Those arrested believe they were retaliated against by the Fannie Mae's associates and the police for this reason.

The Henry Family and Take Back the Land Rochester are calling on the DA to drop all charges and for Bank of America and Fannie Mae to immediately overturn the foreclosure and eviction respectively and return the family to their home. Bank of America and Fannie Mae both received billions of dollars of public bailout for explicit purpose of keeping people in their homes.  

The Henry Family and Take Back the Land Rochester are also calling on the City of Rochester to stop taking orders from the banks and impose a moratorium on foreclosure-related evictions as evidence of foreclosure fraud deepens both locally and nationally.