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After George Douglass' Victory, Another Wells Fargo Home Defender Steps Forward to Defend his Home

Community Eviction Defense to Keep Veteran Joe Martinez and his Children from Being Evicted from Their Home Before Christmas

On Wednesday, December 3, Joe Martinez was served an eviction notice by the Rochester City Marshal informing him that he will be evicted with all his belongings as early as Tuesday, December 9th, despite his legal right to remain in the home. Let's stand up with Joe to keep him and his sons there!

On Tuesday, December 9, at 11:00am Joe Martinez, Take Back the Land Rochester, and other community members will be holding a nonviolent community eviction blockade at Joe's home at 189 Alameda Street, Rochester, NY 14621. Mr. Martinez is demanding the eviction be called off and Wells Fargo enter into negotiations to stay in his home. This eviction blockade will include some communities members who are willing to risk arrest as an act of civil disobedience. 

Take Back the Land's Catherine Lennon Seals Historic Foreclosure Fight Victory



In a Precedent Setting Move, Bank of America Deeds House Back to Catherine Lennon Without a Mortgage


MidFirst Bank and City Marshal Back Off Woods Family Eviction After First Day of Eviction Defense

MidFirst Bank and City Marshal Back Off Woods Family Eviction After First Day of Eviction Defense
The Take Back the Land Rochester Begins Eviction Watch During Eviction Hours 
Joe Woods, fighting for his home of 23 years (right) and Michael Connolly (left)
chained to the front porch at 394 Webster Ave. Rochester, NY to stop MidFirst
Bank'sattempt to evict the Woods Family 
Rochester, NY - On Thursday, September 26, 2013 the 72 hours expired on the eviction notice from MidFirst Bank for 394 Webster Ave., Rochester, NY.  The City Marshal said he'd would be coming by to execute the eviction on the 26th so MidFirst Bank could profit off another foreclosure and eviction.  However the Woods Family, neighbors, Take Back the Land Rochester, Metro Justice, Band of Rebels and other community supporters had another idea.  The Woods family and their supporters began an Eviction Blockade of the Woods family home on Webster Ave.  What started as a front lawn blockade with Home Defenders chained to the porch and forming a chain around the front yard became an energetic celebration of resistance that spilled into a blockaded Webster Ave. that even the police wouldn't cross.   

Take Back the Land Rochester to Launch Woods Family Eviction Defense

Despite Eviction Orders, Woods Family Stays in Their Home
Take Back the Land Rochester Plans Eviction Defense
Who: Community of Human Rights Defenders 
What: Eviction Protest to Stop the Unjust Bank Eviction of the Woods Family
When: Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 11:00am 
Where: 394 Webster Ave., Rochester, NY (the 23 year residence of the Woods family) 
Why: Because united we can stop the foreclosure machine and elevate housing to human right 
Who would do this?: Oklahoma-based MidFirst Bank, worth over $9 billion in assets 

Despite Another Eviction Attempt by Freddie Mac, The Steidel Family Pledges to Stay in their Home

 On Monday, August 13, 2013 at Noon Maria Steidel, Take Back the Land Rochester, Band of Rebels, and other community supporters will protest outside the Wells Fargo at 1200 Pittsford-Victor Road to protest their foreclosure of the Steidel family and Wells Fargo's mass foreclosure practices in general.  
The Steidel family's fight grabbed national and international attention in November 2011 when public pressure forced Freddie Mac to call off the eviction at 107 Clay Ave. Rochester, NY and Wells Fargo promised to negotiate in good faith.  However, after the spotlight has retreated from the family's struggle Wells Fargo is refusing to negotiate and Freddie Mac moving to evict the family again.  The original foreclosure was pushed through by the disgraced and now defunct foreclosure law firm Steven J. Baum.  However, even after Baum's foreclosure mill was forced to close, Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac have continued the same unethical practices in trying to take the house even though Wells Fargo fraudulently foreclosure (i.e., didn't own the mortgage when they foreclosed) and even though the Steidel family offered to buy the house back at fair market value.    

Facing Foreclosure, Akhom Phetphanh Pledges to Stay in His Home of 20 years

Akhom and his son Ty in front of their longtime home in Rochester









See Akhom's Letter to EverBank Below...


Open Letter to Everbank from Akhom Phetphanh in Rochester, NY

Fannie Mae Calls Off Brooks Ave. Eviction Amid Community Pressure

On the evening of June 11, 2013 a Representative from Fannie Mae called Renee Madison to notify her that the imminent eviction of her family has been called off as they re-review her case.  This is after Renee Brooks defied her 72 hour eviction notice (which expired June 6, 2013) and Take Back the Land Rochester, community supporters, and her neighbors rallied to stop the eviction and demand Fannie Mae negotiate a settlement so the family can stay in their home of 17 years.  For more background see Renee's public letter to Fannie Mae.

Eviction Protest to the Stop Unjust Foreclosure-Based Eviction of Renee Madison and her Family


On Monday, June 10, 2013, at 612 Brooks Ave., Rocheter, NY 14619 Renee Madison, Take Back the Land Rochester, and other community supporters rallied to demand the Fannie Mae withdraw's the unjust eviction of Renee Madison and her family.  The family has lived in their home for 17 years and Renee Madison is looking to buy the house back but the bank has shown no willingness to wait to work out a settlement.  Ms. Madison has lupus and Graves disease but that has not deterred Fannie Mae trying to forcefully evict the family.  


Renee Madison at 612 Brooks Ave. Pledges to Stay in Her Home

See her open letter to Fannie Mae...

Open Letter to Fannie Mae from Renee Madison in Rochester, NY

Federal National Mortgage Association

Attorneys: Rosicki and Rosicki, P.C.

Attn: Gillian Brown and Ralph Bernard

51 East Bethpage RoadPlainview, NY 11803


June 6, 2013

Dear Federal National Mortgage Association, a/k/a Fannie Mae,

My name is Renee Madison and I live at 612 Brooks Ave., Rochester, NY 14619 where I’ve lived for 17 years with my family. I live here with my two daughters and my partner.  After I was unjustly foreclosed on, Fannie Mae bought my house at auction and is now trying to evict my family.  Fannie Mae sent the Rochester City Marshal to my door to deliver a 72 hour eviction notice on Monday, June 3, 2013. I am requesting that you immediately stay the eviction and so my family has time to buy the house back.

In 2006 my Mom took out a mortgage with GMAC.  Without our knowledge GMAC transferred the mortgage to MERS and then my understanding is that the mortgage was illegally robo-signed over to NationStar. Despite this, NationStar took over the mortgage and fraudulently foreclosed on my family.

Mary Smith Pledges to Stay in Her Rochester Home Resisting Foreclosure by American Tax Funding


Facing foreclosure, Mary of Smith of 53 Cutler Street, Rochester, NY 14621, is pledging to stay in her home and not let American Tax Funding put her out of her longtime home.  Take Back the Land Rochester is pledging to support her. Mary and her community are prepared to nonviolently resist attempts to displace if necessary.  Her house is scheduled to go to auction 10am February 26 at the Monroe County Office Building. A petition circulated both by door-to-door canvassing and online posting is calling for ATF to call off the auction and negotiate. Over 525 signatures have been received to date and the number continues to grow.  

Mary Smith has lived at 53 Cutler Street for 30 years, raising six children. She paid off her mortgage to ES&L 12 years ago. She is the Vice President of the Cutler Street Plus Block Club and has been a commanding force in the community for decades. She is affectionately known as the "Mayor of Cutler Street," who has severed hundreds of hotdogs to neighbor kids at kickball games. In her dining room she displays a large promotional poster featuring her as a poster person for volunteerism.  


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