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Despite Another Eviction Attempt by Freddie Mac, The Steidel Family Pledges to Stay in their Home

 On Monday, August 13, 2013 at Noon Maria Steidel, Take Back the Land Rochester, Band of Rebels, and other community supporters will protest outside the Wells Fargo at 1200 Pittsford-Victor Road to protest their foreclosure of the Steidel family and Wells Fargo's mass foreclosure practices in general.  
The Steidel family's fight grabbed national and international attention in November 2011 when public pressure forced Freddie Mac to call off the eviction at 107 Clay Ave. Rochester, NY and Wells Fargo promised to negotiate in good faith.  However, after the spotlight has retreated from the family's struggle Wells Fargo is refusing to negotiate and Freddie Mac moving to evict the family again.  The original foreclosure was pushed through by the disgraced and now defunct foreclosure law firm Steven J. Baum.  However, even after Baum's foreclosure mill was forced to close, Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac have continued the same unethical practices in trying to take the house even though Wells Fargo fraudulently foreclosure (i.e., didn't own the mortgage when they foreclosed) and even though the Steidel family offered to buy the house back at fair market value.    
After one injustice mounts on another the Steidel family pledges to stay in their home and with the help of Take Back the Land Rochester and other community members is prepared to nonviolently blockade and defend the home from eviction if necessary.  The family is calling on Wells Fargo to withdraw the eviction and foreclosure and negotiate in good faith so they can stay in their home.  
  • In 2009, when the Steidel family had a temporary drop in income due to Harold Steidel becoming disabled, they did everything "right".
    • They contacted their bank, went to Housing Council for assistance, applied for a modification, and tried to negotiate in good faith.  
  • In 2010, during their good-faith negotiation, their bank fraudulently foreclosed on the family when they verbally claimed they would work out a mortgage modification
    • Despite not even owning the note and the mortgage Wells Fargo fraudulently began foreclosing on the house 
    • Wells Fargo foreclosed and sold the house at auction during the time they were negotiating. Wells Fargo is now barred from his practice, called "dual tracking," under the Attorney General settlement with Wells Fargo and other large banks.  
  • In October 2011 Freddie Mac began eviction proceedings against the Steidel family 
  • In November 2011, after protests at a local Wells Fargo office, local, national, and international media attention, and Take Back the Land Rochester and Occupy Rochester publicly declaring they would start an eviction defense encampment at the Steidel's Clay Ave. house, Freddie Mac called off the eviction  
  • In July/August 2013 Freddie Mac has once again begun eviction proceedings and despite earlier pledges has still failed to negotiate in good faith.