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Action Alert: Eviction Protest Monday (Feb 21)

Protest Eviction by Fannie Mae
"They Got Bailed Out, We're Getting Put Out" 

What: Protest Fannie Mae's move to unjustly evict five people from a house in Rochester and render them homeless
Where: 820 South Goodman Street, Rochester, NY 14620
When: Noon Monday, February 21, 2011

Take Back the Land Rochester is calling on the community to protest Fannie Mae's move to evict five people from a house in Rochester and render them homeless. Despite many attempts, the government-backed corporate bank has
refused to negotiate with the tenants of 820 South Goodman Ave.  Despite Fannie Mae's $90 billion bailout from the government to help keep people in their houses, Fannie Mae is still putting people out on the street.  For the past 7 months the residents, all formerly homeless people, have been making improvements (roof repair, dry-wall repair, painting, etc.) to a house which would have otherwise fallen into complete disrepair due to Fannie Mae's neglect. By living and caring for the house they have become an asset to the community.  Rochester has over 2,000 vacant homes and hundreds of homeless people on any given night.  Instead of promoting responsible occupancy, Fannie Mae is promoting vacancy and homelessness during the most severe economic and housing crisis since the depression. In this case the residents are being forced out by one of the main institutions responsible for the current housing/homeless crisis.  It's time we came to together as a community to elevate housing to a human right. 

We demand that Fannie Mae suspend the eviction so the tenants can negotiate a settlement that doesn't create more peopleless homes and homeless people. 

We demand that Fannie Mae and all other bailed out banks transfer their foreclosed homes to local community land trusts, so that communities can secure local control over housing and land. 

For more information contact Take Back the Land Rochester at or (585) 653-8362. 
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