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Evicted Family and Supporters Protest Foreclosure and Brutal Arrest That Sent Rochester Woman to the Hospital

Courtesy of Rochester Indymedia

On Friday, July 29, 2011 at 11 Appleton St. in Rochester the family of Virginia Henry, Take Back the Land Rochester, and community members held a press conference and protest denouncing both the recent forceful eviction by Fannie Mae and the arrest, brutality, and excessive response by the Rochester Police.

The story has already received national media attention as on July 21st Virginia Henry was arrested, thrown to the grown in her own driveway, and taken to the hospital in handcuffs after presenting paperwork to the City Marshal and Rochester Police, questioning the legality of the eviction. The house is now vacant and the family of five is now homeless and staying in a local motel.

The eviction and foreclosure appear to be illegal on a number of grounds, including failure to serve proper notice of the foreclosure and eviction. Just like in March on Ravewood Ave., Rochester Police shut down Appleton St. with at least 10 police cars to take the family out of their home.

The Henry Family and Take Back the Land Rochester are calling on Bank of America and Fannie Mae to immediately overturn the foreclosure and eviction respectively and return the family to their home. Bank of America and Fannie Mae both received billions of dollars of public bailout money.

The Henry Family and Take Back the Land Rochester are also calling on the City of Rochester to impose a moratorium on foreclosure-related evictions as evidence of foreclosure fraud deepens both locally and nationally.