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Fannie Mae Moves to Evict Cathy Lennon a Second Time, August 17!

Today, August 12, Cathy Lennon appeared in Rochester City Court to defend her home. Ms. Lennon was evicted in March and moved back into her home without permission in May.  Fannie Mae, the recipient of $90 billion of taxpayer money, aggressively moved to evict Cathy from her home a second time.  Judge Castro granted a warrant of eviction and 72 hours to vacate the home on 9 Ravenwood.  Interestingly, Judge Castro seemed most interested and embarrassed by the fact that he was the judge who originally moved to evict Cathy's family in March and seemed to take offense that she moved back into her house and was trying to save it.  What the judge didn't seem interested in was that Cathy had filed a order in a higher court to overturn the original foreclosure or that there seem to be many illegalities in original foreclosure process or that this family will be homeless again or that Rochester has thousands of vacant houses.  Judge Castro is just one of many judges pushing foreclosure-based evictions through the system as quickly as possible without scrutinizing the criminal practices of the banks. 

Currently, the eviction is schedule for Wednesday August 17, 2011.  If the Marshal comes on that day, Ms. Lennon, Take Back the Land Rochester, and other supporters will be there in protest.  Stay tuned for more information.