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CATHY LENNON HEARING POSTPONED INDENFINITELY: Bank of America Pulls Tarnished Foreclosure Law Firm Off Case

Steven J. BaumNearly a year after the unjust foreclosure of her home by Bank of America and Fannie Mae, and her notorious eviction – first prevented, then defended by Take Back the Land Rochester, and later carried out by nearly two dozen Rochester Police, garnering international attention and outrage for excessive police support of criminal bank behavior – Catherine Lennon finally expected her day in court on Friday, December 2, 2011. Lennon has maintained that she was never properly served notice of foreclosure or told when her home went to auction, and supporters found her foreclosure documents full of irregularities and forgery. In response to an Order to Show Cause by the NYS Supreme Court, the banks' attorney, Steven J. Baum P.C., was to have produced documentation proving the case for just foreclosure. The firm, though, under investigation by the NYS Attorney Generalfor the same types of violations in the Lennon case, has been forced to close its doors under adverse publicity and extensive legal woes. Though Baum intended to complete pending cases, Bank of America suddenly removed the firm the Catherine Lennon Case and sought new representation. Lennon's case has been postponed indefinitely with the hopes of an out of court settlement that will keep Catherine Lennon and her family in her home permanently. 

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac announced they would no longer use the Baum firm to handle foreclosures of their properties because of increasing public protests,foreclosure defenses, successful legal actions, and public outcry over Baum's callous mocking of his foreclosure victims. Fannie & Freddie banning Baum from new cases was a financial death knell for the firm, a loss of half its income.

Thousands of homeowners statewide still face Baum-engineered foreclosures and evictions. Take Back the Land Rochester calls upon both the City of Rochester and Monroe County to refuse to participate in any way in these evictions, declaring a moratorium on all foreclosures. Further we are calling on Baum to be pulled off ALL pending foreclosure cases in New York State. We must not allow these fraudulent foreclosures to continue eroding our neighborhoods and destroying families and communities. A just moratorium would honor those whose lives have been upended by Baum, with a promise to protect our community from further destruction – a fitting response to the collapse of this robosigning empire.