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Take Back the Land Rochester Joins National Day of Action to Stop Foreclosures

D6 National Day of Action to Stop Foreclosures: Occupy Comes Home


Join Occupy Rochester & Take Back the Land Rochester at

The People's Vision


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1:00 pm – Rally, 1:30 pm – Press Conference

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

123 East Main Street


The People’s Vision will feature activists reporting on the state of the foreclosure crisis in Rochester, families sharing their success stories on fighting back & winning, & the community’s vision for a future where housing is for people not for profit. Another world is possible. Join us!


Violent displacement takes many forms. While Occupy protestors and activists are being brutally evicted from parks and public spaces, families in the 99% are being forcibly foreclosed on and evicted from their homes. Occupy Rochester & Take Back the Land Rochester are joining forces to say enough is enough. We are moving the fight from Wall Street to Main Street. We are prepared to do what is necessary keep our neighbors in their homes.


On December 6, we are acting in solidarity with the Occupy Our Homes Campaignwhich is staging mass actions to stop and reverse foreclosuresacross the country. Communities, including Rochester, will be liberating bank-owned peopleless homes to house homeless people, organizing eviction blockades to defend families from foreclosure-related evictions, disrupting foreclosure auction sales, canvassing neighborhoods hard-hit by the foreclosure crisis, and taking pledgesto lock the banks out, stay in, and defend their homes.


We are coming together to expose the hypocrisy of a system that puts profits before people. While billions of tax dollars in bailout money helped the too-big-to-fail banks reap profits, homeowners were put out on the streets. Over 250,000 homes in New York State are either in foreclosure or about to be foreclosed on. The City of Rochester is facing an epidemic of thousands of vacant bank-owned homes, and as a result, a growing homeless population of displaced economic migrants—former homeowners. The collateral damage wrought by the foreclosure crisis is displacing families, destroying our local economy, decreasing property values, eliminating a sustainable tax base, and dismantling our community.

On December 6, from 11:30 am-1:45 pm the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation will host our City leaders at Vision Future: Rochester's Leadership Team. How can our government pretend to have Vision while turning a blind eye on the foreclosure crisis? How can banks, investors, and developers chart our Future all the while foreclosing on it?


While corporate developers and our City leadership are inside wearing blinders, The People's Vision will be outside reclaiming our mortgaged future and creating a new vision—a future where housing is a human right, not a commodity and where land and housing are controlled by the community, not the banks. We call on the City and County to issue a moratorium on foreclosures, end police-executed evictions, and create community land trusts and urban homesteading programs to turn land back to the community.