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Take Back the Land Movement calls for a 2012 Spring Offensive

We Must Occupy the 1% to Liberate the 99%

Existing economic policies protect the profits of bailed-out banks, big corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals above all else.  The resulting system is uninterested in and unable to meet basic human needs.  Consequently, there is -- simultaneously -- millions of homeless people and millions more people-less homes, all while the sick cycle of displacement continues on, today, forcibly dislodging homeowners and renters alike from their homes & communities.  Wall Street is exploiting us and “our” government is enforcing it.  So where do we turn?  We turn to us.

Call to Action

In this context, we call for a 2012 Spring Offensive, to take back our land and deliver our economy from the greed of the 1%. Across the country, our communities will come together to engage in locally-driven Positive Action campaigns designed to transform property relationships- to free them from the Bank and Real Estate Giants that use them for  speculation and profit- to bring democracy home and stimulate new neighborhood-based dialogues around community-based alternatives that ensure the equitable and sustainable use of available resources and the dignity & stability of people before profits.

Our Positive Action campaigns will be protracted efforts intent on securing community control over land.  

  • We will Liberate land to house human beings and land to benefit the common good
  • We will defend our families against eviction
  • We will Occupy bank lobbies, shareholder meetings, economic summits, government agencies and public squares in protest of ongoing inequities
  • We will hold Neighborhood Assemblies in the form of BBQs, outdoor movies and “Occupy”-style gatherings to build community power in these democratized spaces created for learning together & planning for a better future
  • We will assert Housing as a Human Right.

Positive Action campaigns that move families into vacant foreclosed homes and defend families from eviction, directly confront immoral laws with moral action. Similar to the Civil Rights campaigns where Blacks defied Jim Crow laws with “sit-ins,” these Positive Action campaigns are Human Rights-based “live-ins.”    

Global Movement

We are an integral part of a growing global movement stretching from Africa to Europe, from Asia to the Americas. Sponsored by the same indelible human spirit which brought the Arab Spring, the 2012 Spring Offensive will fundamentally transform the possible. This is a moment that cannot be branded, managed or controlled by a single organization. It is our moment. Let us join together in this spirit to Occupy, organize and take action.

Answer the Call

The Spring Offensive will take concerted organizing, above all else. From the Occupy Movement and community based organizations; from faith groups and labor unions, we hope this call will be moved as a proposal to be taken up and owned as our own everywhere we live, work, play, pray and organize.  For planning, training, and support information, contact or