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Local Wells Fargo Officials Refuse to Speak to Leonard Spears about Foreclosing on His Home

On Monday May 7, 2012 about 70 people came out with Leonad Spears to deliver a demand letter to Wells Fargo and hopefully find a local bank official that would speak and work with Leonard on resolving his foreclosure.  However, officials from Wells Fargo refused to speak to Leonard at Wells Fargo Advistors branch at 1200 Pittsford-Victor Rd., Pittsford, NY and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at 175 Sully Trail, Pittsford, NY.  Instead the Wells Fargo mobilized the police on their customer. 



Take Back the Land Movement calls for a 2012 Spring Offensive

We Must Occupy the 1% to Liberate the 99%

Existing economic policies protect the profits of bailed-out banks, big corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals above all else.  The resulting system is uninterested in and unable to meet basic human needs.  Consequently, there is -- simultaneously -- millions of homeless people and millions more people-less homes, all while the sick cycle of displacement continues on, today, forcibly dislodging homeowners and renters alike from their homes & communities.  Wall Street is exploiting us and “our” government is enforcing it.  So where do we turn?  We turn to us.

Call to Action

In this context, we call for a 2012 Spring Offensive, to take back our land and deliver our economy from the greed of the 1%. Across the country, our communities will come together to engage in locally-driven Positive Action campaigns designed to transform property relationships- to free them from the Bank and Real Estate Giants that use them for  speculation and profit- to bring democracy home and stimulate new neighborhood-based dialogues around community-based alternatives that ensure the equitable and sustainable use of available resources and the dignity & stability of people before profits.

Our Positive Action campaigns will be protracted efforts intent on securing community control over land.  

Steidel Family's Story on Al Jazeera English

Take Back the Land Rochester Joins National Day of Action to Stop Foreclosures

D6 National Day of Action to Stop Foreclosures: Occupy Comes Home


Join Occupy Rochester & Take Back the Land Rochester at

The People's Vision


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1:00 pm – Rally, 1:30 pm – Press Conference

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

123 East Main Street


The People’s Vision will feature activists reporting on the state of the foreclosure crisis in Rochester, families sharing their success stories on fighting back & winning, & the community’s vision for a future where housing is for people not for profit. Another world is possible. Join us!


Violent displacement takes many forms. While Occupy protestors and activists are being brutally evicted from parks and public spaces, families in the 99% are being forcibly foreclosed on and evicted from their homes. Occupy Rochester & Take Back the Land Rochester are joining forces to say enough is enough. We are moving the fight from Wall Street to Main Street. We are prepared to do what is necessary keep our neighbors in their homes.


CATHY LENNON HEARING POSTPONED INDENFINITELY: Bank of America Pulls Tarnished Foreclosure Law Firm Off Case

Steven J. BaumNearly a year after the unjust foreclosure of her home by Bank of America and Fannie Mae, and her notorious eviction – first prevented, then defended by Take Back the Land Rochester, and later carried out by nearly two dozen Rochester Police, garnering international attention and outrage for excessive police support of criminal bank behavior – Catherine Lennon finally expected her day in court on Friday, December 2, 2011. Lennon has maintained that she was never properly served notice of foreclosure or told when her home went to auction, and supporters found her foreclosure documents full of irregularities and forgery. In response to an Order to Show Cause by the NYS Supreme Court, the banks' attorney, Steven J. Baum P.C., was to have produced documentation proving the case for just foreclosure. The firm, though, under investigation by the NYS Attorney Generalfor the same types of violations in the Lennon case, has been forced to close its doors under adverse publicity and extensive legal woes. Though Baum intended to complete pending cases, Bank of America suddenly removed the firm the Catherine Lennon Case and sought new representation. Lennon's case has been postponed indefinitely with the hopes of an out of court settlement that will keep Catherine Lennon and her family in her home permanently. 

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